Jill and PhilipLove Story

I signed-up on SinglesLovers after my 9-year relationship has ended. I didn’t have much confidence to meet people in person right away during that time so I’ve decided to try online dating first. I think trying it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Because after all the chats with different people, I met Philip. We literally jived right away that it’s as if we knew each other for so long already! We tried the online games on SinglesLovers too that also helped develop the kind of friendship and relationship we’re building during that time. We made sure that we chat with each other every single day! We became each other’s stress relievers after a long day at work, and it’s the most satisfying feeling ever.

After 2 months, we finally met in person. We truly enjoyed each other’s company. After many dates, we became official. We now live together! We’d always love to look back how we met a year ago. Really really thanks to SinglesLovers! I may have started on it heartbroken, and eventually, I became the happiest through SinglesLovers! :)

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