Roberto and AliciaLove Story

Three months after moving from Mexico to California, I started to do online dating. Not necessarily because I wanted to find a girlfriend, it was just me wanting to find someone in the area whom I can have fun with. I dated people casually and I met a bunch of them who are really interesting but they are more of the “friend zone” type of girls. I eventually got tired and was about to quit online dating when my brother came over and told me that she found a girlfriend on and she was beautiful and smart! Who wouldn't want to find someone like her for myself right?

I randomly sent messages to different women saying that I'm about to quit online dating and I wanted to have a serious relationship. Then Alicia replied to one of my messages, I actually replied back to her and we set up a date but we have to push it off a couple of times because she is a flight attendant and our schedules just don't match a lot! That is why sending photos or quick video calls in SinglesLovers helped us a lot to progress this relationship. And when we finally had our first date after two months of online dating, I took her out for dinner and gave her a plant as a gift.

We are now engaged to be married next month and I can never think of a better way to thank my brother who introduced me to SinglesLovers where I met my soon to be wife!

They Found True Love