Meghan and SamLove Story

After years of going into unsuccessful relationships, I was so nervous to get into another relationship. As a single parent, it is more complicated dating someone and having a relationship. Then I was introduced by a colleague to and I don't feel the pressure to meet someone initially or give my personal info and have a guy meet my daughter. In fact, I felt safer and guarded with online dating. Then I met Sam, who is also a single dad, after two weeks of chatting the pandemic and lockdown happened.

But thanks to the modern platform of SinglesLovers, we were able to have our first “virtual date”. We had a video call and our kids were also able to meet each other. When the pandemic restrictions eased up a bit, we decided to meet up - during our grocery shopping schedules. It was a very special moment because it is very unusual but exciting. Since then, we always go on our “grocery dates” until he proposed to me on one of our daily video calls. We got married last week in a very intimate ceremony with most of our friends and family attending “virtually”. Thank you SinglesLovers for being a part of our love story!

They Found True Love