Jill and Philip
Jill who just ended her 9 year relationship has found true love in SinglesLovers. Philip, who is into online games, has found connection with Jill instantly. After two months of dating and many successful dates after, they now live together happier than ever!
George and Katie
George signed up on and met Katie, who is younger than him. But as they say, age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. Despite George’s hesitation because of his age, they are now married and are expecting their first child together!
Celine and Mike
SinglesLovers has been a safe haven for Celine who found her first boyfriend on the site. From every day video chat to deep friendship, it blossomed into a very beautiful love story. Celine is very thankful that she found her first love in SinglesLovers - and hopefully her last!
James and Karla
James and Karla, both of them love to travel, have found their forever travel buddy in SinglesLovers. Not bad for a first time user of an online dating platform right? They are now set to get married and explore the world together!
Patricia and Troy
Patricia, who just went through the painful process of divorce and lots of not so good dates, has found a second chance at love in SinglesLovers. For a woman who has a big heart, she deserves all the respect and love that she is now getting from Troy. After hearing wedding bells after a year, they are about to hear two babies cry this summer as they are expecting twins!
Manveer and Nicholas
An Indian girl who dreams of a fairy tale love story, Manveer, has met her knight in shining armor through SinglesLovers. It all started with a heart emoji and ended with two wedding ceremonies. A short yet sweet courtship between two different people bound by love.
Roberto and Alicia
Roberto found the woman of her dream in SinglesLovers in the most unexpected way. Video calling really helped nurture their relationship especially for Alicia who is a flight attendant. Thanks to Roberto’s brother who introduced SinglesLovers to him, they are now engaged and will get married next month!
Meghan and Sam
Two single parents who found love during the pandemic. Meghan and Sam are both hesitant to go on dates and have chosen to beat the norms by signing up in SinglesLovers to try online dating. They are now happily married and their children are as happy as ever to have a happy and complete family.
Aubrey and Adam
Adam and Aubrey were both left devastated by their last relationship and tried to find love through online dating. Adam found out that both of them shared the same fondness and advocacy for dogs. A perfect way to meet his match that eventually led to a wedding bliss 15 months later.